The Verb | BBC Radio 3 | 13/04/18

I created an audio work especially for this episode of The Verb on BBC Radio 3. The programme theme was ‘pitching your work’. Against the ideally efficient, productive rhetoric of the sales pitch, I wanted to sound out indecisiveness, inarticulacy and dis-eloquence: the stumbling grace of ‘kind of’ ‘sort of’ and ‘like yeah yeah yeah’.

You can listen again here:

Sensuous Landscapes | talk hosted by Samuel Hertz | The Tetley, Leeds | 16/02/18

A public conversation event hosted by Samuel Hertz, Opera North Artist in Residence at The Tetley also featuring Amy Cutler.

For this talk I respond to the provocation ‘Sensuous Landscapes’ by considering problems of scale, perception and feeling as played out in my earlier series of bird works.

I’m currently revisiting this material, using it to think through the difficulty of feeling or perceiving the magnitude of the global environmental crisis and its associated mass extinctions. Drawing on a set on unexpected insights about theatricality, furniture and irritation, I seek to register a deep entanglement, or entrenchment, within economies of consumption.

Further iterations of this work planned for an upcoming episode of The Verb, BBC Radio 3 and Bucharest International Poetry Festival, May 2018.


WHAT MATTER | performance

A new performance on themes of work, resistance and an embarrassed longing for things soft.

Filmed at Kings Place, October 7 2016. Duration 16’25”.

Commissioned by Hubbub as part of its exploration of rest and its opposites, a research project hosted by the Hub at Wellcome Collection.

It made me want to tie things together, things from my house.

Weisslich vol. 9 | London and Manchester, 13-14/01/17

Image credit: Dimitri Djuric, 2017.

Accent, a vocal score for two speakers: one British, one from New Zealand. Created and performed with composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh.

Performed at WEISSLICH Vol. 9: concert series featuring brand new experimental music and performance from the US and UK. Events took place in Manchester (The Wonder Inn) and London (STYX).

Read Louis d’Heudieres’ essay on the collaboration between Antonia and myself here.