Choral Alphabet – a gathering of voices for Paper Stages | Aug 2012

CHORAL ALPHABET is an online audio project.

CHORAL ALPHABET was initiated in August 2012 for Paper Stages, a book of scores and provocations published by Forest Fringe.

A riff on the international radiotelephony alphabet (also known as the NATO phonetic alphabet, or more simply the ‘radio alphabet’): an open invitation for people make an audio recording of themselves performing their own alphabet, speaking a word beginning with each letter, as quickly and unthinkingly as possible, alone, and then email it to me.

This project has been on ice for a while, although I intend return to it when time and resources allow. In the meantime, if you would like to contribute, you still can. Record yourself saying a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet as fast as you can. I will then listen to it, edit it, rearrange it, mix it with other voices. I can’t promise I will work quickly, but I will work with care. Send it to