Slideshow Birdshow (2013) | performance | trailer

teaser trailer for IBT13, 1:43

Slideshow Birdshow is a score for voice and uncooperative slideshow. It is a talk about birds. It is describing a sparrow, getting too close to a chaffinch and repeatedly failing to pin down a thrush.

Slideshow Birdshow has also been performed at Under Construction, The Gulbenkian, Canterbury (Nov 12) | Under Construction, Basement, Brighton (Oct 12) | Interrogate, Dartington (Oct 12) | Whitstable Biennale (Sep 12) | IBT: Up To Nature, Woodchester Park (Jun 12) | Forest Fringe at The Gate, London (Apr 12) | BLOP, Arnolfini (Feb 12).

The early development of this work was supported by Testing Grounds, who commissioned its early version, Bird Talk for a night at The Nightingale Theatre in Brighton.  Further development was supported by Phrased & Confused and In Between Time.




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