Double Crossings, Strahler, Berlin | 25/08/13

Two performances for Double Crossings at Strahler in Berlin.

Flupsi, for two performers, analogue and digital voices, text, printer, microscope cam, objects and speakers (17 min). aAcollaboration with Steffi Weismann generated from nine months of fitful email exchange about illness, technology and a lonely pet budgerigar called Flupsi.


Accent, a vocal score for two speakers: one British, one from New Zealand. Created and performed with composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh.


‘Accent’ at Arnolfini’s 4 Days | 26/04/13

Accent is a vocal score for two speakers: one British, one from New Zealand.

It is a composition carefully transposed from hours of casual conversation, serious discussion, drawn-out efforts at explanation, tetchy disagreements and myriad attempts – both lazy and sincere – to impersonate one anothers’ accents. The performance of these uncontrollable voice-sounds tests the borderline between the intentional and the accidental,  opening onto questions of what can and cannot be notated, scored or repeated with exactitude. What emerges is a genuine confusion of the borderlines between imitation and quotation, explanation and demonstration, music and signal, friendship and collaboration, speech and song.

Created and performed as part of an ongoing collaboration with composer Antonia Barnett-McIntosh.


recording from Arnolfini, 26 April 2013 by this is tomorrow



Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! an exhibition at blip blip blip, Leeds / Aug-Sep 2013

Two Ways of Singing About A Blackbird, soundwork included in Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

blip blip blip, Leeds 15/08/13 – 07/09/13

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! brings together 24 audio works that have been made for, or repurposed to be played in a 45 minute time period.

Curated by Hayley Dixon.

Emma Bennett, Harry Bix, Chloe Cooper, Rhys Coren, Alex Farrar, Bobby Charlton Foster, The Hut Project & James Harkness, Leeds United, Harry Meadley, Mimic Mass, Simon Nelson, New Weirdos , Alia Pathan & Niklas Tafra, The Printernet, Matthew Randle, Roland Ross & Josh Whitaker, Giorgio Sadotti, Charles Sheldon, Rosanna Skett & Will Strong, Tansy Spinks, Jack Strange, Barry Sykes, John Timberlake, Nina Wakeford

listen to the track here.