Soundings | Camley Street Natural Park | Wellcome Collection 18/3/15

camley 2 camley 


“Canals are manmade structures and we can use them for taking deep control of our own warehouse…”


Collaborative performance with SJ Fowler at Camley Street Natural Park, Kings Cross, London. 18 August 2015, 1.45pm.

A performance-tour for people on their lunch break. Interested in the various ‘nature’ metaphors that circulate around notions of inner calm and productivity, we looked at the brown surface of the pond. We thought about the nearby canal as a flow of commerce, leisure and organic matter. We invited our audience to join us in a guided meditation to filter out unwanted noise, reorient our trade routes and reconnect with the brownness within.

Soundings is a series of collaborative sound performances by poet SJ Fowler as part of his residency at the Hubbub Hub at the Wellcome Collection in London. Over the course of a year, Fowler will work with performers from the worlds of sound poetry, experimental music and sonic art including Patrick Coyle, Tamarin Norwood, Dylan Nyoukis and Sharon Gal. Each interaction begins with library staff using their expertise to suggest items from the Library’s collections in response to a title inspired by the research strands of the Hub project.

Soundings is curated by Kimberley Staines, James Wilkes and Felicity Callard. More details here and here.

I will be in residence at the Hub during 2016.

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