Forest Fringe at the Yard, 24/05/14

Five BIRD ATTEMPTS for Forest Fringe at The Yard.

A night of performance and partying to raise money for Sign Language Interpreters for Forest Fringe’s programme at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival.

The Yard Theatre, Hackney Wick, E9 5EN

Saturday 24 May 2014, 7pm.

GIFbites at بیت بر ثانیه / Bitrates | May 2014

As part of Bitrates – an exhibition curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Mani Nilchiani at the Dar-ol-Hokoomeh Project, Shiraz, Iran – Daniel Rourke asked 50 artists to create or curate an animated GIF with a short snippet of audio, to be looped together ad infinitum at For the opening of Bitrates a select version of this project will be displayed in the gallery, followed by a complete showcase of all the GIFs for the GIFbites exhibition, opening on May 30th 2014 in Shiraz Art House (Daralhokoomeh Project).

‘Bite Him’ gif for GIFbites at بیت بر ثانیه / Bitrates.


See (and hear) it in context here.

Speeches to the City, Bristol | 02/05/14

a scratchy recording of the speech

Untitled (Speech) : a performance for Bristol city-centre during the Art Weekender, delivered on Narrow Quay, 2 and 3 May, 2014.

Attempting to embody and expand the outlines of great rhetoric using only what I had.

Commissioned for ‘Speeches to the City’ by Hannah Sullivan and Martha King, with support from Situations.

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! an exhibition at blip blip blip, Leeds / Aug-Sep 2013

Two Ways of Singing About A Blackbird, soundwork included in Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

blip blip blip, Leeds 15/08/13 – 07/09/13

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! brings together 24 audio works that have been made for, or repurposed to be played in a 45 minute time period.

Curated by Hayley Dixon.

Emma Bennett, Harry Bix, Chloe Cooper, Rhys Coren, Alex Farrar, Bobby Charlton Foster, The Hut Project & James Harkness, Leeds United, Harry Meadley, Mimic Mass, Simon Nelson, New Weirdos , Alia Pathan & Niklas Tafra, The Printernet, Matthew Randle, Roland Ross & Josh Whitaker, Giorgio Sadotti, Charles Sheldon, Rosanna Skett & Will Strong, Tansy Spinks, Jack Strange, Barry Sykes, John Timberlake, Nina Wakeford

listen to the track here.

Choral Alphabet – a gathering of voices for Paper Stages | Aug 2012

CHORAL ALPHABET is an online audio project.

CHORAL ALPHABET was initiated in August 2012 for Paper Stages, a book of scores and provocations published by Forest Fringe.

A riff on the international radiotelephony alphabet (also known as the NATO phonetic alphabet, or more simply the ‘radio alphabet’): an open invitation for people make an audio recording of themselves performing their own alphabet, speaking a word beginning with each letter, as quickly and unthinkingly as possible, alone, and then email it to me.

This project has been on ice for a while, although I intend return to it when time and resources allow. In the meantime, if you would like to contribute, you still can. Record yourself saying a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet as fast as you can. I will then listen to it, edit it, rearrange it, mix it with other voices. I can’t promise I will work quickly, but I will work with care. Send it to