plots and improvised doorways | printroom, rotterdam, 18/02/17

Holly Pester and Emma Bennett and PrintRoom present afternoon of willful tales linking archive fragments, body parts and furniture.

From 5 – 8 pm at PrintRoom, Rotterdam.


Performance afternoon staged alongside our work as guest tutors at “Speech Commands”, a writing programme at Piet Zwart, hosted by Kate Briggs and Steve Rushton.


Excellent Moth Eat Poetry | Word Gulch | Curve Gallery, Barbican | 24/11/16

Emma has big bathtubs as eyes. Holly makes bikini bread. The Basset Hound is coming along. Excellent Moth Eats Poetry makes sites of flourishing rackets and companionship. It performs friendship as a co-hallucinatory technology, realised in shared images, intuitions, jokes and ventriloquisms.

A play with statues by Holly Pester and Emma Bennett.

Presented a Word Gulch, a night of performances with Sian Robinson Davies, Mr. Ferris, Reet Maff’l and hosted by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau.

Part of Bedwyr Williams: The Gulch.

WE ARE | Voices of Urgency at FIAC | Paris | 22/10/15

WE ARE | a short play by Holly Pester and Emma Bennett

Introduced by the inimitable Alex Cecchetti. Followed by a reading from the wonderful Dorothea Lasky.

Filmed at the Chapelle des Petits-Augustins at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, 22nd October 2015 for Voices of Urgency, a cycle of seminars and discussions relating to poetry and the social sciences. Presented by FIAC, in association with the École nationale supérieur des beaux-arts de Paris and the Maison de la Poésie. Devised and orchestrated by Alex Cecchetti, Voices of Urgency invites the public to four events where poetry lies at the heart of the discussion, in direct confrontation with art and other forms of contemporary thought.

For this night, we were asked to talk and write around the phrase ‘we are’, so we wrote a short play about ethics, comedy and female friendship.

Some Place of Avoiding an Animal | South London Gallery

“In rooms texts change; bodies and machines perform because rules are decided and broken

Rules are broken not language. Shifting things cannot be broken.

It is I is We is Amorphous
Amorphous is We is I is It 

These texts are not voices they are scripts.”

 Published by the South London Gallery on the occasion of Dorine van Meel’s residency and exhibition, Between the Dog and the Wolf, 15 April – 14 June 2015, Some Place of Avoiding an Animal is a collaboration between artists and writers: J. A. Harrington, Emma Bennett, Jesse Darling, Susanna Davies-Crook, Kati Kärki, Dorine van Meel, Claire Potter and Erica Scourti.

Initiated by a series of writing workshops led by guest artists Pil and Galia, Melissa Gordon and M. Dean, the writing was informed by a number of exercises which were formulated during the course of the project. Starting with the wish to articulate their subjective positions through writing, the authors exchanged their own sentences amongst each other, thereby creating an ever more complex composition of merging voices, which challenged the idea of a simple, coherent and fixed subject. The final exercise comprised an evening of performative readings by the contributors at the SLG.

Published in an edition of 250, there are seven different covers available each with a text created by one of the contributors.

If you would like to receive a particular cover please contact the SLG bookshop on 020 7703 6120 or ISBN: 978-1-898461-49-4, soft back, 57 pages.

The publication is designed by Rogier Delfos and has been commissioned by the South London Gallery as part of the Nina Stewart Artist Residency of which Dorine van Meel is the fourth recipient.

Background Noise – performance at Aural Lighthouses | Santozeum Museum, Santorini | 18-23 May 2015

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 16.37.20

Background Noise – beside ourselves with our beating hearts

A performance created in collaboration with Ella Finer, Flora Pitrolo and Robert Jack created for Aural Lighthouses at Santozeum Museum, Santorini.

Curated by Ileana Drinovan-Nomikos, the event hosts artists and scholars from around the world including Greece, United States, India,United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Italy.

Sound artists and atmospheric scientists are brought together to evoke the emotional, affective and visceral responses of sound and frequency, and their effect beyond what scientifically manifests in graphs and images.

We played records and sounded-out disasters both fictional and half-fictional on a hell of a windy rooftop at night.

Performance with SJ Fowler for ‘Soundings’ | Hubbub Hub at Wellcome Collection

camley 2 camley 


“Canals are manmade structures and we can use them for taking deep control of our own warehouse…”


Collaborative performance with SJ Fowler at Camley Street Natural Park, Kings Cross, London. 18 August 2015, 1.45pm.

A performance-tour for people on their lunch break. Interested in the various ‘nature’ metaphors that circulate around notions of inner calm and productivity, we looked at the brown surface of the pond. We thought about the nearby canal as a flow of commerce, leisure and organic matter. We invited our audience to join us in a guided meditation to filter out unwanted noise, reorient our trade routes and reconnect with the brownness within.

Soundings is a series of collaborative sound performances by poet SJ Fowler as part of his residency at the Hubbub Hub at the Wellcome Collection in London. Over the course of a year, Fowler will work with performers from the worlds of sound poetry, experimental music and sonic art including Patrick Coyle, Tamarin Norwood, Dylan Nyoukis and Sharon Gal. Each interaction begins with library staff using their expertise to suggest items from the Library’s collections in response to a title inspired by the research strands of the Hub project.

Soundings is curated by Kimberley Staines, James Wilkes and Felicity Callard. More details here and here.

I will be in residence at the Hub during 2016.