The Restless Compendium

Collection of interdisciplinary research essays on the theme of rest and its opposites.

Open access: download here.

I contributed a chapter on the performativity of ASMR role play videos.


Some Place of Avoiding an Animal | South London Gallery

“In rooms texts change; bodies and machines perform because rules are decided and broken

Rules are broken not language. Shifting things cannot be broken.

It is I is We is Amorphous
Amorphous is We is I is It 

These texts are not voices they are scripts.”

 Published by the South London Gallery on the occasion of Dorine van Meel’s residency and exhibition, Between the Dog and the Wolf, 15 April – 14 June 2015, Some Place of Avoiding an Animal is a collaboration between artists and writers: J. A. Harrington, Emma Bennett, Jesse Darling, Susanna Davies-Crook, Kati Kärki, Dorine van Meel, Claire Potter and Erica Scourti.

Initiated by a series of writing workshops led by guest artists Pil and Galia, Melissa Gordon and M. Dean, the writing was informed by a number of exercises which were formulated during the course of the project. Starting with the wish to articulate their subjective positions through writing, the authors exchanged their own sentences amongst each other, thereby creating an ever more complex composition of merging voices, which challenged the idea of a simple, coherent and fixed subject. The final exercise comprised an evening of performative readings by the contributors at the SLG.

Published in an edition of 250, there are seven different covers available each with a text created by one of the contributors.

If you would like to receive a particular cover please contact the SLG bookshop on 020 7703 6120 or ISBN: 978-1-898461-49-4, soft back, 57 pages.

The publication is designed by Rogier Delfos and has been commissioned by the South London Gallery as part of the Nina Stewart Artist Residency of which Dorine van Meel is the fourth recipient.

Reading at The Other Room, Manchester | 02/04/14

Hannah Silva / Nathan Walker / Emma Bennett

Reading at The Other Room, The Castle Hotel, Manchester. 2 April 2014.

3 bird attempts (blackbird, mistle thrush, mistle thrush) & a reading from a play-in-progress (‘At First, From a Distance, I Thought it Was a Parasol’)

The Other Room is a reading series presenting experimental writers at The Castle Hotel in Manchester organised by James Davies, Scott Thurston and Tom Jenks.

PolyPly: Felt | 17/01/13

“the basis of sdalle swaddle toaget ther right kind of sound to pad the hammer to dab – felt is fab,                                           felt absorbs and gaskets applicators base ddrum padding beaters button felt burnishes capilliary mats pad and eraser pads clamp pads dash deburring engraving etching felt feet filters grip tape horse leg qwraps isoltaors insulators nibs his bsib bibd fabs fads pads felting ring wolford felt rotating shaft gabbertidine belts shaped shims sdhock spacers spioll baps sstamps tadpole tannery timapny typewriter p[ad felt buff s wet process wiping wood hub. Snow is like fle tis                                                                                       – a warmth insulator”

Felt is a nonwoven fabric, formed when wool fibres are forced together with moisture, heat and pressure. For PolyPly, I recorded myself reading aloud from a book on felt, its history and usage. I then transcribed this recording in real-time, making no allowances for typing errors, omissions due to slowness of hands, or other mistakes. I then repeated this process, until the written text had become entangled and compressed almost beyond recognition.